We have been manufacturing all kinds of wiring harnesses to our customer’s specification on a “build to print” basis since 2000. We can also be entrusted with all your requirements from design, through all phases of development, qualification, configuration management, industrialisation and finally through to production and even installation. 
All our products are built to the highest quality and in accordance with our EN9100 Rev D certified quality management system. All harnesses have a full build history and are traceable by serial number, including comprehensive automated 4-wire test system reports.


High quality RF Cables are manufactured using state of the art tooling by highly skilled technicians, while our well-equipped QC department will ensure that all cables are thoroughly tested and fully functional in accordance with your specifications.


Having access to the latest WEETECH automated test equipment, including comprehensive electro-emulation testing capabilities, we ensure that all the electro-mechanical assemblies, panels, boxes, LRU’s, control units etc. that we manufacture are not only built to the highest quality, but are also delivered fully tested and functional. This reassurance of ultimate quality ensures that all our units truly are “plug and play”.


Harnessing Superior Performance

With access to a well-established, global supply-chain and because of our logistical expertise and buying power we are able to procure and sell electrical interconnect and related materials and components at competitive pricing and lead-times. All items like connectors, adaptors, contacts, switches, relays, circuit breakers, splices, sleeving, braiding, moulded parts, wire and cable are within our scope of supply. If you need it, we can get it.


In addition to being able to design and build full electrical wiring systems for motorsport applications, we can also design, configure and supply full bespoke electronic packages for all racing applications. We can combine ECU’s, PDM’s, PCM’s, data-logging and telemetry, sensors, membrane switch panels and CAN-controllers, custom steering wheels etc. No matter what your requirement and specifications we can supply the best suited system by using products from various manufacturers


We have been an approved cooperation partner for Weetech automated wire and cable test equipment since 2005. We can supply, commission and maintain systems suited to all customer requirements. We also offer various training options, ensuring that your valuable assets will be used correctly and to their full potential. 

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